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Asia's bus scene is enormously diverse. It is also the largest market in the world for buses with several countries with large populations, rapidly growing economies and expanding cities. Buses varie from the high-tech buses built in China to 70-year old adapted trucks in Myanmar.
While over the years I made many pictures of buses in several countries in Asia, this collection merely forms the basis of this site and barely scratches the surface. Fortunately, others contribute and I would like to invite anyone who can to contribute with information and/or pictures.

This site is a hobbyist site. Unfortunately, we can not provide information on bus services in Asia. Please refer to travellers' sites for schedules and travel advise. Links to operator sites can be found on www.busstation.net

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All pictures and texts on these pages are the property of the authors as mentioned. Reproduction (other than for personal use), distribution, use on websites or commercial use is only permitted with the written permission of the author. These pages are prepared by bus enthousiasts. The content represents the opninion of the authors, not of any of the companies mentioned.

These pages are made with the intention to share information on buses in Asia, and to challenge others to provide their information in order to increase our shared knowledge.
Contact: use the webmail of Busmuseum or Busexplorer.